As of November 2012 my Partner and I slowly transitioned into a vegetarian diet, now we are getting closer to a vegan diet. But before I go into more detail, let me tell you our story of what I like to call “enlightenment”.

For as long as I can remember I have always loved and adored animals. As a child I remember connecting more with my Aunt and Uncle’s dog than some of my own friends. Something always drew me to them. During my teen years I fell in love with horses and began riding lessons. Never once during my childhood or teenage life did I think about or question the food that was prepared and put before me by my Mother. I naturally assumed that if my Mother was serving it to me and my whole family was eating it then it was normal, healthy and not hurting anyone. I never thought that the very thing I loved on my plate was the same as all the sentient beings I loved and interacted with.

It wasn’t until I moved away from home and began university that I really began to think critically. I actually began to ask questions without being fearful – even if it meant unpleasant answers. I began taking note of people who were vegetarian; I’ll admit I often felt the need to defend my right as an omnivore. For some reason whenever someone told me they were vegetarian something inside me stirred, and it wasn’t a pleasant feeling.

When I thought about it I figured “yeah. I don’t think factory farming is glamorous by any means but surely the government has enough regulations in place to ensure the animals are treated well.” Boy… was I wrong. My education all started one fateful night watching Netflix, I watched the documentary “Food Inc.” it wasn’t a gore fest, it simply gave a general depiction of where our food comes from. But that was all I needed. I didn’t make it half way through without crying. I felt convicted. I wanted to know more, so I read some books… and some more… and articles… and research articles… scientific articles… more documentaries… more articles. I went into a vegetarian lifestyle kicking and screaming. I tried my hardest to find even a shred of evidence that could support my omnivore lifestyle. I came up dry.

I went to my partner and told him how I was feeling. He supported me and told me to try it. So I did, I stopped eating meat cold turkey (no pun intended)… this lasted a whopping week. It failed miserably. I felt awful about myself, when I would eat meat I felt as if I was taking part in something that was inherently wrong.

I asked my partner to do some of his own research like I did. He watched one half of a documentary and being the animal lover that he was, he was sold. A vegetarian diet was our future. So I (we) started together. But we didn’t cut it all out on day one. First beef, then pork and finally chicken. For the first few months we still ate wild game caught by my Father, but over time it began to “gross us out” so we cut that out. We have now also cut out most fish, we do not drink animal milk and we are proud to say we have cut out most cheese and other dairy products! We also use egg substitutes when baking.

Since taking on this lifestyle my love and respect for animals has grown tremendously. I am always reading and learning more about them. All animals have social capabilities, they have families, and they love living. A pig can love you just as much as your dog. A chicken loves to lie in the sun and soak in its rays. A mother cow instantly has deep bonds with her calf. Orca whales have different cultures across the world’s oceans. I can keep going. But it’s better if you do your own research! I can honestly say I know the feeling of being an omnivore and feeling personally attacked because of a vegetarian… well here is a secret, nobody is attacking you, like me it is probably your own conviction. Yes, there was a time when as human beings we required meat to evolve and survive, but that time has long passed. For those of us living in a developed world, we no longer need meat to survive, not when so many plant based foods and other products are readily available.

Anyways, that is my “enlightenment” story. Please comment and tell me your own story!

“… animals have at least some moral status . That is, how we treat them matters morally—and not merely because of indirect effects on human beings. Animals’ interests have some independent moral importance. Stated metaphorically, animals are not mere resources for our use, playthings for our amusement, or even practicing grounds for good behavior towards other humans. They count for something in their own right.” – David DeGrazia


Grid Art

I made some funky grid art for my bathroom! It was super easy and cheap. I picked up a few blank canvases, very thin painters tape and my own choice of acrylic paint colors to match (I went with purple, green, grey and black). I used sponge brushes to apply the paint. I got this neat idea from: http://www.bigboxdetox.com/diy-grid-painting#more-5157

At first I tried to come up with some kind of pattern or order to paint the colors in – but then I decided it would be better if I just did it randomly. It worked out!






Coffee table decor

My living room coffee table was looking a little bare so I made a simple decor piece.

I wanted it to match this:

I picked up three square glass candle holders (cheap at any dollar store), sand, shells and starfish.


I layered the sand and arranged the shells/starfish on top.




Red Velvet & Fondant

I asked my sister what kind of cake she wanted for her birthday… “Red Velvet!” She replied. I never made one before so I searched the web for a decent recipe. I found a great website with step by step tutorials: http://www.joyofbaking.com. It wasn’t difficult, just a lot of mixing. The cake turned out well however I found it a bit dry.

Of course I wanted her cake to be pretty so I decided to use fondant. I don’t have a lot of experience using it – I only ever used store bought and I find the taste of it awful. For the first time I tried a marshmallow fondant recipe, it took me a while however it turned out awesome and tasted great!

TaDa! Ignore all the icing sugar on it haha – forgot to touch it up for the photo.

I guess it was good?


Cutlery Art

Since finishing the canisters for the kitchen I decided it was time for some artwork. I knew I wanted to have something with cutlery in it I just didn’t know how or what. I found an awesome idea on this blog: http://spunkyjunky.blogspot.ca/2011/03/tutorial-tuesday-silverware-artwork.html

Anyways here is my attempt!

The materials I used included:

– Two picture frames from the dollar store (choose a design/style you like)

– Old forks and knives

– Fabric (I bought an old bed shame from the used clothes store for really cheap, but any fabric can work as long as you like it!)

– Acrylic red paint (Spray paint would be better but I am cheap and used what I had haha)

– Acrylic top coat

– Hot glue

First I took apart the frames and cleaned them before applying the paint.


After you have enough layers of the color of your choice apply a top coat.

Clean up the cutlery and use a hammer to flatten them out a little.


Measure the frame and cut out pieces of the fabric of your choice.

Use hot glue to attach the fabric and cutlery.

… Done 🙂 Beauty artwork for the kitchen.


kitchen canisters face-lift

Since moving into our home my partner and I have realized just how long it takes to piece it together. Its been six months and we are finally at the point where we can begin decorating now that all the furniture is purchased. I am a student so as you can imagine my budget is “limited” and so I have decided to use my own creativity to decorate.  My first room of interest is the kitchen, I am going with a red theme. I was looking at my really plain, drab, white and ordinary kitchen canisters one day and thought that it was time they needed a face-lift. Off to the craft store it was!

Before photos! The first step was cleaning them up and removing the metal bands.
red paint

Paint! I used red acrylic craft paint. Spray paint would work well too!


I used a sponge brush to apply the paint

Depending on the quality of paint you may need to apply several layers of paint. I did about 4 layers.

Once you have finished painting you may want to apply a top coat. You can get acrylic top coat that makes it shinny or keeps it matte. Its up to you! I went with shinny 🙂 You can pick this stuff up pretty much anywhere you can get paint supplies.

Wait atleast a day to let the paint completely dry, then put the metal bands back on the canisters. This part is optional but I decided to add an extra touch by putting "chalk board stickers" on. I found the stickers in a bridal section of a craft store. I first used chalk to write on them but it kept getting rubbed off so I picked up these pencil thinks at staples. They work really well and it stays on but still looks like chalk.

Drum-roll! TADA! New and improved kitchen canisters. I also added chalk stickers to the top.